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DOBI Reading Program
Making Milestones

About DOBI Reading Program

Located in Langley, the DOBI Reading Program is a comprehensive, multi-sensory approach combining elements from the Orton Gillingham Method, the Davis Correction Program, and the Barton Reading Program. It is specifically designed to help students with learning disabilities/differences improve their language/reading skills, build their confidence and achieve success in school. The program uses a combination of visual, auditory, and kinesthetics techniques to help children understand and retain language information. We have helped several students reach a high level reading competency despite not having any prior phonemic or phonetic awareness.

Multi-sensory tutoring

Essential Components of our Reading Program

  • Phonemic awareness

  • Phonics

  • Fluency

  • Vocabulary

  • Spelling

  • Comprehension.

Why Should I Choose DOBI?

Multi-sensory Approach

Multi-sensory instruction is a proven way of teaching that engages more than one sense at a time. Multi-sensory instruction gives kids more than one way to make connections and learn concepts.  It conveys information through things like touch and movement (tactile and kinaesthetic) elements, as well as sight and hearing. Research has shown multi-sensory methods to be highly effective for nearly any child struggling with reading.


Individualized instruction focuses on the needs of the student.  It's a method of instruction in which there is one-to-one teaching and self-paced learning based on an outline of progressive goals leading to course/curriculum objectives. At any point in time the instructional method can be adjusted to align with the students abilities.  Courses appropriate for individualized instruction are usually those that require skill building.

Results Driven & Inspiring Confidence

The DOBI reading program is an integration of the aspects of reading programs that, based on personal experience, resonate with people with learning differences and diagnosed learning disabilities. By helping students make sense of the 'rules' and patterns of language in a safe, self-paced space, they will develop effective reading strategies and gain confidence in their abilities. 

We commit to doing regular reading assessments with your child to ensure they are progressing at a rapid pace. If the student is not improving, we will immediately inform the parent suggest that you try a different program.

What People Are Saying About DOBI

Shelby E


"I'm thrilled with L's progress through your tutoring.  Thankyou!"

Arn B

Langley, BC

"After only a couple sessions, it all started to click for my son. He started sounding out words phonetically for the first time and has been making progress every week since. Hayley does monthly reading assessments and we have seen a steady improvement in his assessments month after month. I asked L what has changed for him and he immediately said “the way Miss. Hayley teaches just makes so much more sense! Why doesn’t school teach us this way?”. 

Hayley has turned out to be an amazing teacher, support and resource. She truly cares about L and his progress. L eagerly looks forward to seeing Hayley two times a week and has a great time with her, leaving their sessions with a smile and a proud moment or funny story to share with us. She has boosted his confidence and is so gentle and supportive of his individual learning needs. I wish I would have found her earlier in our reading journey."

Caylee W

Langley, BC

My kids have been going to DOBI Reading Program since Sept.2022.  It is the first program they have ever enjoyed going to!
Having children with complex needs I find it hard to motivate them to want to go to (reading) therapy.  Hayley does an amazing job with her program to really engage children, make them want to learn and get excited about their progress!
My kids love for reading has grown and they feel more confident with their school work.  I highly recommend DOBI reading!"
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