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How to Apply

Please complete and submit the Registration Form

Once the registration form is received and reviewed, you will be contacted and offered an assessment date and time. You will have 24 hours to confirm your assessment.  Once you have received feedback regarding the assessment and if your child is to be selected, you will be offered a few time slots and will have 24 hours to confirm your enrollment in the DOBI Reading Program.

Our assessment will determine where your child ranks amongst students at their grade level. We may test the student at a lower grade level if we believe their reading ability is behind.


If we find that the student is struggling with reading and we believe that our methods will help, there is a high likelihood that they will be selected for the DOBI Reading Program.

If you are unable to confirm enrollment after the assessment, we will offer the available time slot(s) to the next student on the waitlist. 

If there are no spaces available for the assessment, we will place your name on a waitlist and contact you when a space becomes available.


Although we recommend two, 1 hour lessons per week to realize the maximum benefit for your child, the minimum lesson plan we offer is once per week. For those wanting more, we do offer up to 6 lessons per week, depending on the student.  

Terms & Conditions


If we determine your child is a good fit for the program, lessons are one (1) hour in duration at $85 plus 5% GST, however, prices may vary. The assessment is also prices at $85 plus 5% GST.

There will be no price increases for students already registered in DOBI Reading Program. Otherwise, pricing typically increases at least 5-10% per year.

We do work with a variety of funding organizations such as Autism Funding and Traditional Learning Academy.


By enrolling in DOBI Reading Program, you are committing to sessions for the remainder of the 2024 school year. If you should decide to withdraw from the program, 30 days notice is required or you will be charged for 1 months worth of lessons. 

Missed Lessons

'No show' appointments without 24 hours notice will require full payment of the lesson. If the Client wishes to withdraw from the program and cancel all future sessions, a full months notice is required, otherwise, they will be charged the cumulative cost of all planned sessions.

In the event of a Tutor cancelling an appointment, a makeup time slot will be offered. If you cannot make the makeup session, worksheets and other materials based on the individual student's learning requirements, will be provided by the tutor and you will be charged full price for the lesson. 

Please understand that we still have to pay our tutors for these missed sessions.

If we cancel your tutoring session, a full refund will be given or a makeup session slot will be offered.

Any sessions that are scheduled during scheduled or statutory holidays will not be charged.

Payment & Invoicing

All Clients must sign the Client Contract and credit card PAD agreement.


Clients have a week from the last Sunday of each month to pay the full monthly balance of tutoring sessions received. If payment is not received within the allotted week, the card on file will be charged, as stated in the PAD agreement.


The Client and the Business must agree to any changes in writing.

No refunds

Services completed as described in the Contract are not subject to refunds. The Client will not be reimbursed for services cancelled once work has begun. All sales are final.

Summer Sessions

The reality is that many students will regress in reading level during the summer months if they do not work on phonetics and phonological awareness on a consistent basis.

Summer session time slot availability will be released on May 1st. 


  • How is the DOBI program implemented?
    Taught by a trained DOBI tutor the program is delivered using a combination of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic techniques to help students understand and retain language information. The program is highly individualized so the tutor can adjust to meet the specific needs of each student. The DOBI Reading Program is also designed to be a fun and engaging experience for students. The tutor uses positive reinforcement and frequent feedback to help students build confidence and motivate them to continue making progress. Additionally, the program is designed to be challenging but achievable, so students can see their progress and feel proud of their accomplishments.
  • Why does DOBI have an initial Assessment?
    The assessment lesson is a crucial component of the DOBI program. It provides a platform for: - the tutor and student to build a strong, trusting working relationship, - assessing the student's abilities and unique learning style, - gathering the information needed to develop a customized learning plan and, - setting the foundation with clear expectations and goals for more effective tutoring sessions. By taking the time to assess the student's needs, the tutor can ensure they set the right pace of learning pace and provide the right and most effective support and guidance to help the student reach their full potential.
  • Why does DOBI request sharing of student's Psychoeducational Assessment (if available)?
    Sharing your student's psychoeducational assessment with their tutor can be a critical component of their learning and success in tutoring. A psychoeducational assessment provides important and insightful information about a student's strengths and challenges in such areas as attention, memory, language, and academic skills. This information can help the tutor understand the student's learning style, identify any learning differences/difficulties, and provide tailored support to help them succeed. This personalized teaching can target specific areas of need so that specific support and interventions can be incorporated into the lesson plan which in turn enhances learning, increases motivation and builds confidence. For example, if your student has difficulty with attention, the tutor can incorporate breaks, movements, and other strategies to help them stay focused during tutoring sessions in order to maximize learning.
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